Making Your Website Look Professional

Far too often, people put up a website, sit back and wait for offers and money to start rolling in. Others invest a ton of money into advertising before truly learning the ins and outs of website development.

What many of these internet entrepreneurs fail to understand is that cultivating a web presence is only half of the battle. First and foremost is to make the website appeal to the audience you are seeking. This means you will have to create something that works as intended, namely, draws in potential customers.

A Website is a Marketing Tool

A professional website is one of many items in an advertising arsenal that can help plead your case to a buying public. In many ways, it is the first impression that many people will have of your business.

Make that first impression count by making sure your site aligns with your business objective and goals.

A couple of ways to do this is by observing few simple rules, namely:

1.Check for grammatical errors and typos - how can you instill confidence in a consumer if your own website if full of errors. While you could argue that the average person may be unaware of these mistakes, many are and they have money to spend too. Besides, it simply looks sloppy and makes potential customers feel as if you don't care. If you don't care, why should they?

2.Make sure pictures, inserts and query boxes are properly aligned - sometimes an error in coding can offset photos, images, inserts and things like comment boxes. The offence is forgivable if this happens on a rare occasion, but too often and it looks extremely unprofessional. One aspect of web development is to make sure that the page loads up the right way every time. Check your site periodically to ensure it is working properly.

3.Forgo or minimize the flash - While flash animation can look cool, it may not have a place on a truly professional website. One reason why is the fact that not every potential customer is going to have a computer that has the ability to handle a ton of animated graphics. Some computers could even crash because of it. This could put off customers who may have wanted to utilize your services or purchase your products.

4.Keep it plain and simple - the language as well as the graphics should be straightforward, clean and free of frills. When at all possible try not to use ALL CAPS as it can appears if you are screaming at people. Keep info in small, bite sized paragraphs and when possible, make sure the site is free of pop up ads and other forms of advertising.

Another hallmark of a professional website is that it is easy to navigate. Sites that get too fancy with graphics and colors may be visually appealing on one level, but it does visitors no good if they can't easily locate the about us, contact us or services button.

Keep Your Objective in Focus

In the end, your goal is to try to reach out to a buying public that wants what you have to sell. Your ability to achieve that goal will depend on how well you present yourself on the web. This makes maintaining and developing a professional website extremely important, as it can make all the difference between e-commerce success or failure.

Bear this in mind as you create your website and, if feasible, utilize the services of an established website developer to produce a quality, user friendly webpage.


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